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How well did Birds of Prey actually do in it’s first week of release?


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46 thoughts on “BIRDS OF PREY 1st Week BOX OFFICE Is In (OHNONONONONO)!!

  1. I watched BOP and it was a big disappointment. The characters were boring and the story was shit. The only thing good about it was SOME of the action sequence.

    And Ewan McG, boy was he a female hating character. Talk about going against wht you preached earlier.

  2. They were also caught lying about their first week's Prophets ,money. they claim that France was 25 something millionwhen in fact was actually 2.5 something million same thing with Australia and Germany's all about the same amount of money two and a half men in each country but they were claiming 25 to 27 million for each country. All three countries actually had to buy two and a half only

  3. I didn't care to see Birds of Prey because it's like a D rated (C at best) level comic at best and those are not something you make movies on when your cinematic universe is in an iffy situation and needs to be rebuilt and fixed from the past major mistakes. Marvel can get away with it because they didn't screw up the launch of their cinematic universe really. DC really fucked up the launch of theirs and should not be doing stuff like Birds of Prey or Suicide Squad and movies like this pretty much are just reinforcing the opinion that they should just give up, fire everyone and start from scratch again.

    The Feminazi crap is just an additional reason to not see the movie in my opinion.

  4. I swear to god I still haven't seen an advertisement for this movie. I first found out about it when it started to bomb. Apparently, they advertised it on a whole bunch of feminist websites, I guess? So they clearly picked their target, and it wasn't me. I don't think their target included the vast majority of people who enjoy comic book movies. I'm no expert, but that doesn't really seem like a winning strategy to me.

  5. These absolute morons tell ~50% of all movie-goers that "this movie is NOT for you" and "we don't want/need YOU to watch it" and then are shocked when nobody wants to see their film. And that is BESIDE the fact that their film is SHITE and NOT worth watching. The irony burns in the most beautiful colors right now.

  6. Those international numbers are inflated. An extra 0 was added to the Australian, Germany, and Taiwan showings. Internationally it made about 49 million. Source from SC reviews

  7. Trying to shame men into spending their hard earned money on “Birds of Prey” is like giving away WNBA tickets and expecting those who accepted them to enjoy the game. Let alone show up.

  8. From what i heard from other youtubers and found online, the movie takes, in the best possible scenario, 65% from domestic and 45% from the rest of the world of the box office. So they got roughly 78 mills, again, best case scenario. Go see Sonic guys, its fun.

  9. 1:50 comment years ago from one of my friend upon seeing the “new” tomb raider movie poster at the cinema: “Wow! Spandex!” He was, of course, making a point that this is the only part of the movie worth anything. Now they make trash movie with no eye candy… and are surprised no one watches them.

    Reality check: if your movie has a trash story, it needs eye candy. That movie 101.

  10. All it takes is one bad decision.
    That's how WB can make their movie flop, just one bad decision.
    You made a bad decision too am I right?
    I know you did, I can tell, you made a bad decision and your movie fell apart too.

  11. Don't forget the studio will only get back 55 cents in the dollar from the domestic US gross and 45 cents in the dollar internationally. So they haven't even come close to making back the production budget yet, let alone the advertising.

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