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Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough – Hard PC (Max Settings 1080p) – Part 28 – Bastard

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20 thoughts on “Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough – Hard PC (Max Settings 1080p) – Part 28 – Bastard

  1. you had no health the entire beginning!! watching you play is so painful! you dont pay attention to your surroundings!! there is shit to use every ie. tears and you never use them?!?!?!? dude!! WTF!!

  2. Hi Centerain, love the meticulous walkthrough so far, wondering if you can lift enemies aloft and blow them off the ledge. If that's possible, why not use more often when confronting the powerful?

  3. 15:40 You should use the freight hook more when all your enemies are right below it. It may not seem very professional, but it gets the job done. You won't have to shred any bullets either.

  4. Center knew that there would be a combat but never took action unless enemies show up. And then there appeared too many enemies to get things done, including setting traps, tearing automated gun and so on. Bioshock Inifinite is definitely not a stealth game to give that much time to consider steps.

  5. I guess Center just never pays attention to health bar. If there's no effect when shield is broken, I bet he pays no attention to shield as well. He didn't need to worry about those in his earlier games such as Splinter Cells or Hitman or Batman or… yeah, almost every one. Even in Crisis 3, he just keeps cloaked all the time thus only pays attention to energy, which is salt here. Habit, habit.

  6. For the love of cheese, the vending machines give you health packs. Smaller ones and 100%. I just saw you walk into a pre-generated battle with less than half your health after dying less than 60 seconds before hand. And when you came back again you just walked away from vending machines again with half your health. Come on!

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