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A Spoiler-Filled Discussion Of Final Fantasy XV's Finale

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49 thoughts on “A Spoiler-Filled Discussion Of Final Fantasy XV's Finale

  1. I'm over a year late but after playing the Royal Edition, I have to say that I agree with the disappointment. Not because the game was bad, because I enjoyed my time in Eos and Noctis grew on me more than I thought he would but because there was so much untapped potential. Yes maybe Square Enix needed to push the game out, it could not afford anymore delays but there was just so much untapped potential. I hope they do more with the world of XV although Tabata's exit makes it seem less likely. But dammit if they gave XIII not one but TWO sequels, I feel like XV deserves another shake. I would not mind playing from the perspective of Gladio, Ignis, or Prompto. The episodes featuring them were good to great and when Noctis said, "I leave it to you" at the end to them, that opened the door for their stories after Noctis (I believe Noctis is the last king of Lucis so they could spin off with life after the end of the Royal bloodline). I know there are theories that Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto also died at the end of their last stand but it isn't a definitive ending.

  2. I always thought that camping scene was before the final battle. That last dinner lingered long enough to show the emotion, and I'm sure they had the time to say their goodbyes. And when the time came to select the photo, Promoto knew what the deal was. So I still think its before.

    BUT… in the cutscene, Noct was wearing a suit. He only wore that suit after the final battle.

    I dunno what to think anymore. Still loved the ending.

  3. Weren't happy that FF15 had more plot holes then swiss cheese? Well guess what! Square-Enix is gonna SELL you those plot hole fillers as PAID DLC! Square-Enix, were no longer about comprehensive story telling, just as Hajime Tabata!

  4. Even with so many delays and plot changes, this game remains broken!! They say it's up to your own interpretation, another way of saying we didn't finish the story properly so you decide what really happened. It's a bromance with a half-assed romance tie in and celestial beings that everyone in the entire world of EOS knows about, that are all dead. The erratic use of summons in the game made acquiring them a huge waste of time and with no back story to them (just talk of how they use to exist in the world) nonsensical. Noctis was a weak lead character being nurtured the whole way through as he complained every chance he got (If he even spoke at all). It's a gigantic road trip with your buddies to compensate for the fact that you have to die at the end, so enjoy yourself in the meantime. One of the worst Final Fantasy games of all time. How did you like Noctis being gone for 10 years, only to come back damn near exactly the same as before he left? They even had an in-game delay, just like they made us wait years for this shit game to be "finished". Broken narrative. Kingsglaive would of made a better game.

  5. I just came across this video and thought I'd add in a comment about the campfire scene. I think it was their final camp just before they entered Insomnia. I considered the possibility that it may be happening in the afterlife, but that doesn't make much sense. He's definitely saying goodbye, and if they're all in the afterlife, it wouldn't be so sad. I know the scene with him and Ardyn in the afterlife show them all around him, but I don't think they were literally there. Ardyn faces off against him, and then does a bit of a double-take as he sees Noctis surrounded by his friends and father. Then they're gone. I think Noctis was drawing strength from his father and friends. They were there in symbolic spirit, not literal spirit.

  6. I thought I did really well at not getting emotional until the campfire scene right at the end. I'm not gonna lie a shed a tear or two but then I was just shocked/amazed about Luna and noct turning into the symbol. 😂😱😂

  7. When it comes to the ending with the bros appearing beside Noctis in the climax, that wasn't them physically. They were with Noctis in spirit. It's like that Kingdom Hearts quote from Sora "My friend are my power!". I found it pretty obvious that it was meant to be symbolic for them to appear beside him. So in conclusion, they didn't die. They just happen to be in Noctis's heart.

  8. the reason Ardyn helps you througout the game is because he wanted the story to end exactly the way it did. Noctis sacrificing himself and the souls of all past kings to save the world. that was his revenge on the Lucian line.

  9. You shouldn't try to make sense of the "time travel" with Umbra since it really doesn't make any sense. If it was meant to be something that happened 10 years ago instead of time travelling, then how can you bring Altissia's Cactuar figurine to Talcott? It's just something thrown in so that you can go back and forth at your leisure.

  10. I think they all died because in that Cutscene if you look at noctis he's wearing like a suit where before he was wearing his normal cloths then when you go in to insomnia he's wearing his king attire but he only wore the suit after the Aarydin boss fight so that why I say there dead

  11. Yea they need to come back with good stories that the old ff used to have. This one was good story but so poorly executed. I couldn't believe the game just ended. No relationship development in between Noctis and Luna. Luna was just miserable, absued as a kid, saw her mother die, brother is trapped, left to stay in Niflheim not saved by Regis's family and then die protecting Noctis. If I was her I think I would be more like Ravus form the movie. Just plain mad at these guys xD. Also the story content cut was horrible too. How promptu's whole back story was chopped off sigh. Super underwhelming story. Gameplay and open world was awesome.

  12. There's a theory rolling around about Prompto that I can't help but think is true at the moment…

    Prompto was born and genetically altered with magitek in Niflheim. He was adopted by the Argentum family when he was a year old. We know that Prompto's biological father is the grumpy-faced Verstael, but what about Prompto's mom (Mompto?)? We know that refugees have been coming in to Insomnia for a long time, and what if Mompto stole away with baby Prompto, but became infected with the Starscourge along the way? The Argentum family would take in Prompto and he would end up in Insomnia, but what of Mompto?

    We know that those infected with the Starscourge become daemons, and perhaps, she succumbed to the Starscourge somewhere in Duscae, and became a daemon that hid herself in a cave. What cave? The cave that Noctis and the crew go through to get Ramuh, because what happens there? A naga daemon kidnaps Prompto for a bit and is constantly crying about her child. The idea is the naga is Mompto, and in her altered state all she can remember is having a child.

    This quest is also part of the main story – there is no way to avoid the interaction with that Naga.

  13. 1) Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis survived an onslaught of daemons while Noctis headed to the crystal, and they still made it. Then, they also survived for a decade fighting off daemons, mostly alone, until Noctis returned. They very clearly could survive holding off some daemons at the Citadel while Noctis brings on the dawn.

    That campfire scene is totally before they reached Insomnia, because it's the last time they would get to relax together.

    2) Ardyn helped Noctis because he wanted to kill the Chosen King and end the entirety of the Lucis bloodline along with the Crystal. for how he was scorned by both. If he hadn't have helped Noctis he never would have been able to get rid of it all.

    3) Ifrit's motives were detailed in the Cosmogony books you can find throughout the world. It's a bit of lore you need to be on the lookout for, much like a lot of other lore about characters and the world you can only access by doing sidequests and exploration.

    4) The World of Ruin was nice, and while it sucks that we can't explore it, there's really not much even worth exploring – everything but Lestallum is abandoned, and there's daemons every two steps. Wouldn't really be fun :/

  14. When they had the option to go back with the dog I was just like "What? But… Why? I'm just gonna go beat the game now, okay?" and then later my friends are like "Did you go and do this and this?" and I just have to say "No, because that dog didn't make sense so I didn't do it."

  15. I love the game, the only thing that grinds me is that so much stuff happens and you either dont see it or hear/read it from some source and still dont see it. like wtf prima died, iris is daemon hunter, those things wouldve been better if you actually saw it happening.

  16. I really love the game in fact its my 2016 GOTY, but i will be the first to say that it has a lot of problems, the biggest of them all is the way they told the story, while the story itself is very interesting and the twist is genuinely unique, it has too many pacing problems and what feels like holes in the narrative, even assuming that they did it on purpose because it was all from noctis perspective; and while i didn't care about the media mix aproach i can still see why people hated this aspect. Some of this problems could theorically be solved by dlc, but for now i stay sceptical and judge the narrative for what it is.

    The second biggest problem that i have with the game is a gameplay one, and is the fact that i feel the game is too easy once you get enough money and the fact that 2 core abilities are too OP: you can spam items to force your way from even the hardest fights, sure it feels horrible when you do it and most of us players won't do it, but the game should have a built in restriction to this form of playing, the other think that i think needs balancing is the dodge and mp mechanics, i feel that it drains too little mp, if you are above lvl 40, you can literally just hold the dodge button againts 3 or 4 mobs attacking you nonstop and not run of mp for a while and even if you run out you can just warp strike to recover all your mp back.

    Sorry to rant about this one but i feel is the easiest to fix with just a free update, i would suggest that they add a hard/expert mode, where item use has a really long cool down (or you have a strict carring limit), dodging drains mp even faster than the ring of the lucii dodge/holy and warpstrikes no longer recovers mp. If no such update comes i like the game so much that im going to do a low level, no items, no warpstrikes run.

  17. The official guide says that Prompro is the son of the big bad emperor and was meant to spy on Noctis but things got changed. The reason why you see Prompto home alone in the anime is because the empire raised people to turn them into Magitech soldiers. Prompto is just one real human who escaped and live on his own in Insomnia.

  18. After I finished the game I was really conflicted. I liked what I played but I felt I've seen too much in the last 4 years of the game's development. And I didn't really liked the end resolution and old Noctis. Also, the heavy story- and content cuts were felt. A lot. I spent the next 2 days on the internet, reading and watching as much as I could to fully understand what's happened. I recommend the story explanation video from Final Fantasy Peasant. He's a weird dude but his heart is at the right place and he knows his stuff. He had some crazy theories about characters and story, in the end some of it was true, some were too far fetched. Some was true but got changed as the game's story was change every 3 months… My favorite part is that Lucis is using dark magic, they are Ethro worshippers and the crystal is not something good and pure but it's a Void Crystal. People caughing up smoke after warp-strike in Kingsglaive because of this, hearing the voices of dead relatives (Nyx after failing at a warp). The whole "seeing the light of expiring souls" stuff was cut. And most connection to this Void thing was changed.

    The gameplay, the combat and the world were fenomenal, I spent my first 20 hours just doing side missions and explored the world. I didn't really care about the story. Those were the best hours of the game for me. The story was badly told. Still my favorite game of 2016.

  19. The campfire scene takes place in the afterlife, it shows what he didn't say when they were at the final campfire. How do we know this for sure? This is a moment that would have been played out in real time. They only show us this scene later on… because this scene never really happened.

    The ending of the game reveals that everyone is dead. None of the footage or story shown after Noctis was killed actually happened. It's just meant to make you feel better.

    Do the bros die? That is made purposely ambiguous.

    They do appear in the afterlife… Which causes you to think that they did die.

    however! The way in which they appear implies that that was only Ardyn's hallucination of them. So it's 50/50 whether they died or not.

    They didn't want to kill them off. because if they did, they would have just had Ardyn definitely kill them in that throne room during the initial confrontation with Ardyn before he releases Ifrit on you.

    They already lie dead. there, on the floor of the throne room, not breathing. Alongside everyone else who died. With every other dead bodies. With the other dead bodies of those CONFIRMED dead. The Chancellor. King Regis. Lunafreya. Nyx.

    Ardyn had good reason to take them out at this time: so they would not interfere with the King's destiny and true calling.

    If the bros were to die, this is where they should have died. However, a scene right after that, shows that they're just fine, and walking back up the stairs saying goodbye to Noctis for the last time while he walks away to the final confrontation.

    This game was a complete experience. At the end of this game, everyone dies.

    everything leads to that happening. That was the entire point of this game. That won't change. Not today, not no day. thanks

  20. It's a win-win scenario for Ardyn. He either beats the anointed chosen one who was essentially meant to replace him or he is beaten by the anointed chosen one which ends his life.

  21. Gameplay wise, F15 is spectacular. Story wise…its amazing…How the story is structured….pretty terrible. I shouldn't have to buy the strategy guide, watch kingsglaive, watch Brotherhood, and play that side game JUST to understand the bigger picture. Had I not googled the story I would have never understood the Ifrit/Ardyn twist. Unacceptable.

  22. I know some players found a glitch in the game at the final battle, when you go back to the throne room, the bodies of gladiolus, ignis, and prompto are all on the ground. I just assumed that they died at the end. Because for me the throne room is representing death.

  23. Lunafreya was nothing but a set piece and a plot device within the scope of the game. It's understood that they go into more of her character development outside of the game in other media, but Square-Enix failed the accessibility for that AND you should NEVER have to pregame errata in order to get the idea of your primary characters or plot developments.

  24. My understanding is that The Six were meant to be called by the Oracle and then have the King prove his worth. They were all supposed to be neutral toward humanity in general but some didn't care for them at all. Like Leviathan had no problem destroying Alltissia because he said he needed something to do while he was waiting for the King to show up. So Ifrit was at a weird place because he wasn't called by the Oracle to have anyone to vouch for the King like Luna had done for all other summmons. He really seemed like he didn't care about Ardyn, not really following him so much as he decided to show up and hang out and do some fighting.

  25. Ifrit was the original astral that started the scourge back when Ardyn was doing his thing….. that's why ifrit. Sorry I don't remember all the details but that was one of the key points .

  26. I always thought it was pretty clear that even though Noctis has to die that his buddies still live. Proof of this is in the dialogue in the post apocalyptic world. There is an exchange between Noctis and Ignis. Their dialogue is about Ignis sensing light since he is blind. Noctis's reply makes it sound like Ignis will live past the battle. Then there is Gladiolus and his girlfriend/fiance (?) who he is supposedly looking forward to.

  27. About the post credits scene in the last camp, i think is very clear that happens before going to insomnia and that was place at the end to give it more of an emotional charge. Because at first you don't really know Noctis' full destiny (i didn't know he had to die in orden to save the world) and if they would've showed me that scene before, i would've been prepared instead of crying my eyes out.

  28. 6:00 The reason why they say the body was missing was because Ardyn took her corpse and hung it in the throne room up until Chapter 15.

    BTW Do you guys ever respond to comments because I've corrected you on many other discussion videos and I'd kinda hoped you"d be as interactive with your YouTube viewer as you are with your Game Informer Magizine viewers(which I am also subscribed to).

  29. Noctis had to have been dead in the campfire scene because he is not wearing the Ring of Lucii in that scene. He was wearing it up until it broke after Ardyn was sealed. At the same time, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto have to be alive because in their last scene, they were facing off with daemons, but after Ardyn was sealed, all the daemons disappeared as well. They probably didn't fight that long before they disappeared.

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