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1 Hour Of My Best Shugoki Duels For Rep 70 – For Honor

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24 thoughts on “1 Hour Of My Best Shugoki Duels For Rep 70 – For Honor

  1. Rocket i wanna ask a real question cause I love debating and your YouTube has lots of debate and feels like I get smarter watching your channel. So the question I wanna ask is the game making people toxic or the aspect of what the game represent causes people to be toxic. And by what I mean is I see people constantly getting mad at ledgeing still and ganking I get that it gets annoying but you truly can’t stop another player from doing it and what the question I’m asking is if the game causes people to be toxic when winning or losing or that the aspect of the game with either honor or win by any means necessary is causing people to get so mad

  2. OOGA BOOGA!!!
    I decided to go into ranked yesterday with shugoki and it was legitimately a staring match for the full game after he mega goofed first round and then it was a tense 20 minutes because he was just staring at me with his waifu warden.

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